Explained Why Google Rewrites Meta Descriptions

Explained Why Google Rewrites Meta Descriptions

Google offers an in depth clarification of what reasons set of rules to rewrite meta descriptions. In a Webmaster Central hangout, a writer requested Google’s John Mueller why their meta description became being rewritten. Mueller’s solution provided a peek into how Google’s set of rules chooses whilst to rewrite meta descriptions.

The query became especially approximately a meta description on the house web page being rewritten at the Google seek outcomes pages (SERPs) for branded seek queries. The writer used the instance of the use of the modifier “UK” with the emblem name.

There aren’t any specifics referred to withinside the query so there may be no manner to deal with the writer’s problem directly.

Why Google Rewrites Meta Descriptions

Google’s John Mueller provided 3 motives why Google rewrites meta descriptions.

  • The first purpose is a negative use of a meta description with the aid of using now no longer the use of it to summarize the internet web page.
  • The 2d purpose is to extra correctly healthy the quest question with the internet web page whilst the content material is lacking a part of the quest question.
  • The 1/3 purpose is due to the fact Google is attempting to healthy the quest question with the content material however the healthy isn’t withinside the meta description.

Poor Use of Meta Description

Now the reason of what triggers Google’s set of rules to rewrite the meta description tag:

The different aspect there may be that we want to have the ability to, I guess, accept as true with the meta description at the web page in order that it seems the type of reasoning.

In particular, from time to time whilst we see a group of key phrases which simply type of accrued withinside the meta description.

Then that’s something that our structures would possibly examine and say well, this doesn’t appear that beneficial for users.

So they’ll try and rewrite something else.

Mueller is pronouncing that one of the motives why the meta description can be rewritten is due to the fact it’s centered extra on key phrases and much less on what the web page is approximate. But extra importantly, what makes that meta description a goal for rewriting is that he stated that it “doesn’t appear that beneficial for users.”

Content and Query Matching

That “much less beneficial” part, withinside the context of the above writer, is relative to the quest question. The writer stated that branded queries with the “UK modifier have been being rewritten.

That “UK” seek question modifier can be what’s inflicting Google to rewrite the meta description.

If the web page itself isn’t especially sending UK-associated content material indicators then Google would possibly select to adjust the meta description. Adding modifiers to go looking queries can motive Google to rewrite the meta descriptions. This is, in particular, going to appear whilst the keyword modifiers don’t exist withinside the written content material of the web page.

Example of Query and Content Matching

Compare the quest question “Walmart” to the question, “Walmart Home Page” and you’ll see that the quest question “Walmart Home Page” has a rewritten meta description. It’s an evaluation of seek queries, with one question inflicting Google to rewrite the meta description tag.

Google is attempting to expose an applicable meta description for the time period Walmart Home Page. But the phrases “Home Page” do now no longer exist on the Walmart domestic web page.

But the phrases do exist at the yellow famous person icon that has this alt tag: “Icon for a spark” and in case you hover over the Walmart and “spark icon” logo, the phrases, “Walmart Homepage” display up in an alt tag tooltip.

So what’s occurring is that Google’s set of rules is attempting to make the meta description applicable for the quest question, “Walmart Home Page.”

The set of rules is attempting to try this with the aid of using rewriting the meta description. But as you may see above withinside the case of the quest question Walmart Home Page, Google isn’t doing that so well.

What came about withinside the Walmart Home Page seeks to question that triggered Google to rewrite the meta description is that the phrases Home Page or Homepage do now no longer exist everywhere at the Walmart domestic web page besides for withinside the alt tag for the house web page button.

So Google grabbed a few alt tag textual content related to the Walmart Home button, decided on the incorrect alt tag, and displayed the phrase, “Icon for a spark” withinside the rewritten meta description.

Search Query Influences

As I illustrated above, and John Mueller will say below, the meta description rewriting relies upon the seek question. And I might enlarge that to mention that it relies upon the seek to question and the content material on the internet web page.

Here’s what Mueller stated:

And the alternative aspect you noticed, is the outline can range relying at the question this is used.

So the primary aspect that I might do is simply take the everyday branded question which you use and double-test that the outline which you offer withinside the meta description is really quite beneficial and now no longer too… spammy or overdone.

And then pass from there, essentially, to discern out… is that this something wherein Google continually receives it wrong?

Or is it something wherein from time to time Google’s algorithms choose up something else at the web page and get it wrong?

Wrapping Up

John Mueller gave an incredible clarification of the purpose why Google rewrites seek queries. I recognize a few human beings are going to react and say that Google’s rewriting is arbitrary. But it’s now no longer arbitrary.

This article has defined unique conditions that motive Google’s set of rules to rewrite meta description tags.

Google’s set of rules rewrites meta descriptions primarily based totally on the connection among the quest question and the internet web page content material.

So when you have a problem with Google rewriting the meta tags, take a better examine how the quest question pertains to the on-web page content material.

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Source: Google Central